Penises and penile erections typically do not live in small picture squares as on many other pages in this site.  They are an integral part of male bodies.  On this page eight men have agreed to allow you to see how their whole bodies look - head to toe - when they stand around with a hard penis.  This view is especially useful in understanding the angle the penis shaft makes with the torso and to note the size of the erection relative to the whole body. Click to see a larger version of each picture.  Please note that the pictures on this and most other pages are copyrighted.
As you view these photographs, please be aware that these men are not porno stars. They've agreed to pose so that people can have an opportunity to view the male body in a non-sensational way.  As you observe this first man, you'll notice that the line of his erection makes an angle somewhat below horizontal with his torso. He is age 47, stands 5 ft. 10 in., and weights 175 lbs.  While it is true that erection angles do generally tend to get a little lower as a man ages, many younger men also have low erection angles.  And some men in their 60s or older have quite high angles.  Some of these young-low and old-high erections will be shown later.  The point is that while the trend of somewhat lower erections with older age may be true in general, it doesn't apply to every individual.
This male's erection is a half inch shorter than the one in the picture above. Yet I suspect that most viewers might think it is longer. That perception is probably based on the strong upward angle.  Perhaps seeing the lower surface of the erection as it transitions into the scrotum gives an impression of greater length.  The viewer doesn't know exactly where the erection shaft ends and the scrotum begins.  At any rate this is a look that receives approval by many viewers - it's probably what most people "expect" an erection to look like.  The man standing here is 33 years old, 6 ft., and a slim 155 lbs.
Well, this and the next picture show the size kings for this gallery.  This man self-measures his erection at nearly 9 inches long and 7 inches around (circumference) Perhaps these measures are a tiny bit exaggerated, but not much.  This approximately horizontal erection has a swayback curve or u-curve. It is interesting to compare in the next picture an erection of almost exactly the same size, but with a little lower angle and a humpback curve or n-curve.  This shows that erection variation still can be rather pronounced even when size is the same. Also these two men give a good illustration of how the penis and erection size are not strongly related to body form or development. The model to the left has only modest muscular development whereas the same height man in the next picture has 50 lbs more muscle and a rather heroic mesomorphic build. The model to the left is age 24, 5 ft.11in., 160 lbs.
Here we have a bodybuilder who competes in regional contests. A close-up of his erection is shown on the "intro pix" page. I really want to apologize for the fact that on this site, which is supposed to be about variation and "reality" in erection sizes, I so far have no full-body pictures of men with small penises.  Not only are this and the previous man size stars, but literally all the men on this page are of average or above erection size.  We've managed to illustrate a good bit of variation in shape and angle, but not a wide range of sizes.  All I can tell you is that when it comes to men who are willing to pose with their whole bodies, generously-endowed guys are the ones who usually volunteer.  In the following pages (where all you see is the erection) there will be a much more even representation of all sizes. But even there one suspects that the smaller sizes may be under-represented.  The bodybuilder here is age 33, 5 ft. 11 in., 210 lbs.
The upward pointing erection in this picture has a slight n-curve.  In my experience most n-curves are on erections that are horizontal or below - so this high n-curve may be relatively rare.  We don't know how rare because the samples of men that have been studied are not large enough to tell.  In the photo research about 15% of erections had an n-curve, and all but this one were horizontal or below.  The male in this picture is age 32, 6 ft., and 175 lbs.
The first thing one notices in this photo is the very distinct curve of the male's erection.  It has not only a u-curve but also curves to the side (the man's left). In the photo research the 22% of erections that had a u-curve including 2.5% that had the combination u and left curve illustrated here.  The remainder of erections are: 15% with an n-curve (including some with an n-curve plus a side curve) and 63% that were straight when viewed in profile. Subtract from those "profile straight" erections the 9% that curved to the side, and that leaves only 54% that were completely straight when viewed either from the top or the side. So, while the majority are straight, that leaves a rather large minority (46%) that have a curve in one direction or another.  Most of these males with curved erections are comfortable and happy with their erection shape.  There is no rule written somewhere that says erections have to be straight.  This 27 year old man is 5 ft. 6 in. tall and weighs 140 lbs.
I'm ending this gallery with two very in-shape men (but not bodybuilders) who are of rather different ages.  Here, the first man poses for us in his California doorway (actually the back door). His smile shows a bit of the playful attitude that motivated many of the models in this series of photos. This is the oldest male on this page, but his arrow-straight, horizontal erection is by no means the lowest.  His erection is made more attractive because he keeps his body In good physical shape.  He is age 58,  height 6 ft., and weight 165 lbs.
Finally, we have a male 20 years younger.  For his age he has what most people would consider a well-built body and a handsome erection.  Not only is this erection straight, but it has the high angle that many observers like.  However, when you look at this picture, be realistic.  Try to resist thinking, "Why can't all guys look this good?"  This man has well-developed musculature because of heredity and because he works out faithfully.  And his high, longer than average erection is a matter of genes.  You can admire this look, but don't set it as a standard you judge all men by.  This model is 38 years old, 5 ft. 11 in., 180 lbs.