FullColor Pix

The earliest documentary research photos on this site were taken in the mid 1990s and were in black and white. Since that time We have taken a number of pictures in color, and some of these are presented in this gallery. We consider the full-body photos in this gallery to be something like "documentary portraits." They, like other pictures on this site, are intended to give you an opportunity to observe penile erections in a realistic and non-sensational way. These small pictures may be clicked for a much larger version. After visiting a large picture use your browser's "back" button to return to this page.


age 31, height 5 ft. 6 in., weight 165 lbs., erection length (not measured). Beginning with this African-American man, makes me wish that this gallery could be totally of men of color, rather than just of color photography. But fewer minority men volunteer to pose, so we do not have extensive representation here. Perhaps we'll be able to improve that over time. But, now, we have this well-built man displaying his body and his erection. It's not 100% hard at the moment of the picture, but in general his erection has an n-curve and is slightly below horizontal.
age 26, height 5 ft. 5 in., weight 120 lbs, erection length 5 in. This young man identifies himself as Vietnamese-French. He lives in the USA. His erection has a high angle and a u-curve, a combination that gives it a strongly upward orientation. Notice that he's 8 inches shorter and 50 pounds lighter than the next man even thought the pictures make them look about the same size. Also, note that this is the shortest of the erections on this page which illustrates the fact that the u-curve shape is characterized by a shortened dorsal (upper) surface - the surface where the measurement is taken. In some research the erection is pulled to the horizontal position for measurement, but the length advantage still goes to the n-curve shape.
age 29, height 6 ft. 1 in., weight 170 lbs, erection length 5.75 in. Here are 2 views of this male. His erection is just as normal as the one above, even though it is at quite a different angle. The angle is well below horizontal and the shaft of his erection is straight. He is proud of his erection and comfortable to share his photo with you.

age 52, height 6 ft., weight 187 lbs, erection length 6.5 in. This man gives us a view of his body and his u-curved erection. His erection used to be straight, and the curve began to occur only about 2 years ago. Since the curve is fairly sharp and came on later in life, it is considered Peyronie's Disease. However, this male is not considering corrective surgery since he rather likes the shape of his erection and it does not interfere with his sex life.

age 25, height 5 ft. 10 in., weight 150 lbs, erection length 6.75 in. The male in these pictures has a hairless body (a condition know as alopecia) and a strongly n-curved erection. A close-up of his erection appears in the n-curve gallery. It is interesting to compare the profile shape of this erection with that of the second male on this page. The two erection shapes are almost the mirror image of each other. In the front view one can see that this erection also is curved to the left side. In the photo research 3.7% of men had this compound curve: n-curve + left curve, although most curves were less pronounced than the one pictured here. This man has had his curve for as long as he can remember. He's married and has never had any problems with performance or any discomfort related to the curve so he has never sought any treatment for it - and thus it has never been labeled Peyronie's Disease.