Penile Implants

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Before implant surgery

age 74, height is 5 ft. 9 in., weight 205 lbs., flaccid length 5 in., erect length (from pubic bone to tip) 6 l/8 in,.erect circumference 6 in.

This page is devoted to a volunteer who is planning to have implant surgery soon. He has made some "before" pictures (below) so that you can follow the process with him. Here is his statement:

These will be the before pictures, and the after pictures will come after I have the penile inflatable implant early in 2003. It will take about 6 weeks after that before I will be able to show what it is like. What I am attaching here, are pictures of my flaccid penis and then my erect penis. Since to get a decent holding erection at this time I must use an injection, I thought it might be wise to show the needle in my penis (picture #3), as I began the injection. (The injection the volunteer mentions is a vasodialator. It relaxes the smooth muscles around the arteries in the penis and allows more blood to flow in. Caverject is a trade name for one formulation of these drugs. Most of the injections prescribed by doctors use one or more of these drugs: prosaglandin E1, papaverine, or phentolamine. The last typically isn't used alone. But each of the first two are sometimes used alone, and sometimes 2 or all 3 of the drugs are mixed.) Click these small thumbnails for a much larger picture.

Imag0001 Imag0002 Imag0004
Imag0005 Imag0006 Imag0008

2-25-03. Yes, tomorrow (Feb. 26) is the big day. It seems it has taken forever to get to this day. I am quite confident that all will go well. I trust my doctor implicitly. Of course I do not like the thought of a 6 week hiatus from sexual activity, but after that things will be much better. Of course I will then be spared having to get up and go get a shot in my penis before having sex. Just have to spend a little time getting "pumped up." I am sure there will be some pain, I trust it will be manageable. Will let you know after it's over.

Implant surgery occurred on February 26, 2003.

2-28-03. A few thoughts on my surgery. If I had known what I was going to be going through at this point, I think I might have said, "Forget it." I am bruised deep purple from my navel to the sides of my crotch. It is sore and at present I am being very careful not to cause more injury. I hope a week down the line, I will feel better and have a better report. I have trouble with taking pain pills and so I am not taking too much at all. My body's physical ability to take them is not too good. My body will not tolerate them well at all. The prosthesis that was implanted is the AMS 700 Ultrex Plus. I know this is the worst time in any surgery, and I hope that a few days of healing will make this all seem like a bad dream. I just don't want to make this sound like a "piece of cake." Certainly at present, it is not such. My scrotum is swollen so large, I can hardly cross my legs. I have trouble dressing myself.

3-5-03. It has now been a week since the surgery. Things are going well, I think. Saw the Dr. today and he is satisfied with my progress. Still some swelling. Also much discoloration. He tells me I will have some itching as it heals. It is tender in spots. Next week he will show me how to use it.

3-8-03. This is now 11 days since the implant. I am attaching two photos that will show how things look now. They keep the penis partially filled at about 1/2 erection to hold it in place. Its points [the points of the inflatable implant] are in the glans and go down below the base of the pubic area. We'll see more in a few weeks. One thing I should have mentioned is that one of the cylinders started to come out and buckled near the top end. I had to have it replaced and that is why they have kept it half filled, to keep it in place. If it should come out again, they may have to go in and do some stitches to keep it in place.

3-23-03. The healing has been going well. I keep my penis partially filled all the time. I think I will do this from now on. It feels good and I like the looks of the slight bulge in my trousers. Not a lot, but you can see something is there. Nice!! I am getting aquainted with the pump mechanism and should be able to run it o.k. soon. I see my urologist this coming Friday and I think he will give me some additional instructions on this at that time.

4-4-03. [Here are the current pictures.] Remember it has two cylinders in the penis, and that is why it looks kind of full.

The first picture (above) is flaccid. The second picture is erect. Not pointed up, but it is full enough for adequate erection to achieve penetration during intercourse. It is not wise to pump it up too much, as it may cause a malfunction to the pump. I lost about 1 inch in length in the implant.

The third photo is lying in bed, and shows the pumped penis standing up. Stiff enough to achieve penetration during intercourse. I hope this has been helpful for you and any who are interested in implants.

4-9-03. It is now 6 weeks since the implant was done. A few final thoughts: First of all I am getting accustomed to the feel of my penis, both soft and hard. Soft or flacid, it is much more like a semi-hard penis from before. It feels good and looks good. When it is hard I still get a feeling of burning in the head, but I think it is getting less and less and in time I will not notice any more. It is operable for the purpose I want it, and I am glad it is done. My wife is learning about it and how ot operate the pump and will be a partner is using it. I do find that the pump in my scrotum is irritating at times, and needs to be in the right place for comfort, sometimes I must do some readjusting of my genitals to be comfortable. I think in time I will learn to live with this.

4-12-03. Good News! As I visited with my urologist yesterday, he informed me that I should pump up to the fullest my penile implant DAILY and that the corporeus cavernosa will stretch in both length and circumference over time. If I do not do this, it will tend to shrink. It seems that if I "work with it, or play with it," on a regular basis, it will be good for it. He told me when we began to talk about this implant that I would gain some length, but I had thought he had fooled me, after I saw the results, but now I am encouraged and I will keep at this "pumping" in the days ahead. I thought those interested in such an implant may be encouraged by this.

Thanks for sending this fine series of photos and your comments about how you felt about the process! We realize this is only one person's experience with implant surgery and another's might be different. Still, we're all a little better informed now than before we saw this page.

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