Penile Implants

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An implant (sometimes called a penile prosthesis) is one of the treatments, usually the treatment of last resort, for erectile dysfunction or impotence. Implants are surgerically inserted devices that fill and stiffen the same 2 parts of the penis, the corpora cavernosa, that get stiff by filling up with blood in a natural erecion. The simplest implants consists of 2 rods that are inserted in the penis giving it a permanently distended shape. That's called a malleable implant because the rods are not completely stiff but can be bent by the owner. This allows the man to change the position and shape of his penis -- making it stick out from the body for use in sex or to be snug against the body under his clothes for everyday wear. But the penis is never completely soft. This is the kind of implant that is shown on this page. We have a volunteer who is sharing his photos with us.

The second major group of implants are inflatable implants. That type is not always stiff, rather it gets stiff when when liquid from a reservoir is pumped into 2 flexible and inflatable rod-shaped chambers that have been implanted. You'll find an example of an inflatable on page 2 of this gallery. For more information search under "penile implants" or "penile prosthesis." You will find sites such as the following

We sincerely thank our first volunteer who sent in 8 very high quality pictures (below) showing how his penis looks with malleable rod implants. The thumbnails are all clickable. Use your browser's back button to return to this page. This volunteer answers questions at the bottom of this page. Here is the descriptive information he sent:

age 38, height 6 ft. 2 in., weight 235 lbs, non-latent erection length 5.25 in., latent erection length at or near 7 in. (it varies based on arousal and stimulation etc., but has made it to 7 in.)

The photos are all taken at about the same distance - but not exactly. My original natural erection was an n-curve. In these pictures I've included a straight and an u-curve non-latent erection (photos 4 and 5) by bending the implant(s) upward. Note: My penis is larger in the last 3 pictures because there, in addition to the malleable rods, I have a "latent erection."

1. Implant, front view, without latent erection

2. Implant, 3/4 view, without latent erection

3. Implant, profile view, without latent erection

4. Implant, bent out from body, without latent erection

5. Implant, bent out from body in a u-curve, without latent erection


6. Implant plus latent erection, front view

7. Implant plus latent erection, 3/4 view

8. Implant plus latent erection, profile view

Questions and Answers

How did you decide to have the operation? Before my surgery, I got a second opinion and asked as many questions as I could from two different urologists. I tried to learn as much as I could through research on the internet, but most information there focused on non-surgical solutions. During the twelve months leading up to my surgery, I tried all non-surgical solutions: Viagra, penile injections, Muse, and vacuum pump. Most of them had varying degrees of success, but I wanted a permanent fix. Depsite all my research, I don't think I was prepared for the surgery and its outcome.

What was it like to have the operation? I arrived at the hospital at the crack of dawn with much trepidation, but I was determined not to back out of the surgery. During preop, I removed all my clothes, put on a gown, and climbed on a gurney. Once I got to the operating room, my gown was removed and I was put on the operating table. Nurses shaved my pubic hair and sterilized the area. Once that was done, they placed surgical blankets on my body and left my my groin area exposed. I remember several nurses, the anesthesiogist, and my urologist in the room before being put to sleep. At the time I felt embarassed given the nature of my operation. I woke up in recovery covered with warm blankets. As my head cleared, I realized that I had a catheter. I felt some pain, but it was bearable. I stayed in recovery until I was totally coherent and my catheter was removed. The staff made me urinate before I left. Urinating was very difficult, in fact it was almost impossible due to swelling. Getting dressed was a major challenge. I wore tight jeans and briefs earlier that morning, but I left dressed in loose sweat pants and no underwear. I went home that afternoon.

Was the recovery painful and how long did it take? When I got home I took a closer look at my penis. It was wrapped in gauze and surgical tape and supported by some kind of surgical jock strap. The pain was still bearable, but I don't recall using much of my pain medication. I did spend a lot of time in bed with an ice pack or soaking in a hot bath tub trying to minimize my discomfort. Urinating was another story. It was extremely difficult and took a great deal of energy to squeeze out even a small amount. It was also very painful. This situation lasted three to five days. The bandages and jock strap came off two days later. I went back to work within a week, but still had some lingering discomfort.

What is a latent erection? After I fully recovered, I discovered that my penis still expanded in length and girth. This came as a total surpise to me since I had chosen a malleble implant and had no expectation of any type of erection. This type of erection is called a "latent erection". It doesn't come from blood flowing into the corpora cavernosas since they are destroyed during implantation. Instead, it comes from blood flowing into the soft tissues surrounding the implants. This fills in the erection around the implants and can add length and girth. How much it adds depends on the state of arousal and stimulation. Not all men get latent erections following implant surgery.

Do you have a problem concealing the fact that you have an implant when you're dressed? Concealing my malleable implant can be challenging. It really depends on my choice of clothing. Tighter clothes and materials such as lycra can result in a bulge in my groin area. I try and stay away from these types of clothing. Briefs work better at keeping my erection concealed than boxers, but I couldn't wear them until I was fully recovered from surgery and some time had gone by. Most of the time my erection is not visible. Also, tight clothing can be uncomfortable since there is little or no room for any type of erection.

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