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Here we are providing an illustration of an inflatable implant. That type of penile implant is not always stiff, rather it gets stiff when when liquid from a reservoir is pumped into 2 flexible and inflatable rod-shaped chambers or cylinders (that fill up like balloons). These flexible cylinders are surgically placed or implanted in the corpora cavernosa, the main parts of the penis that fill up with blood during a normal erection. The reservoir is surgically placed behind the abdominal wall. The pump is placed in the scrotal sac. In one location on the pump is the inflation site which is squeezed to push fluid into the cylinders. At another location on the pump is the deflation site which is squeezed to allow the fluid to return to the reservoir.

age 72, height 5 ft. 4 in., weight 140 lbs., flaccid length 3 in., erect length 5.5 in.

I have an inflatable implant. I have no fear of loosing erection at the wrong time and can keep an erection as long as I want. Can inflate in less than a minute. And I am one of the lucky ones who can get a normal erection around the implant. Just use it as a back up to hold it. Partner also very happy with it. A friend told me of your web site and also said that you might be interested in photos of me.

Indeed I am interested. We are very fortunate to have this volunteer who visited the webmaster and had documentary photos and animated gifs made for this site. The animated gifs and still pictures below will allow visitors to observe the process a man with an inflatable implant goes through to acquire an erection and to get rid of it. [Note: In these first 2 photos the volunteer has the implant slightly inflated. He tends to leave it this way between erections.]


1. First, our volunteer shows us the bulb in his scrotum that is used to pump up the implanted cylinders. The small thumbnail on the right can be clicked on for a larger (still) view of the bulb. The animated gif to the left, and all the other animations, are not clickable.


2. Next he begins the pumping process. It takes a minute or so of pumping to get the cylinders filled and the penis erect. This gif just shows the action - without much enlargement of the penis.




3. In this gif he finishes pumping and turns to the side to show us that the erection stands out from his body and remains firm like a "normal" erection. It is different in that it doesn't go away until he specifically releases the fluid from the implanted cylinders..


4. He handles his distended penis to show that it can be pressed upward, but resists downward pressure. In other words, it behaves rather like an ordinary erection. The thumbnail at the right can be clicked for a larger (still) view of the completed erection. Another individual with an implant might have a higher or lower angle, it is an individual matter.


5. He ends the session by pressing on the bulb and holding it to release the liquid in the cylinders. The lowering of the erection is speeded up in this gif. The gif simply repeats one portion of the deflation - it does not show the process from beginning to end. [The bulge seen above the penis is the result of an old hernia and has nothing to do with the implant or the reservoir. He plans to have the hernia repaired.]


6. Finally, while holding the bulb, he squeezes the penis shaft to force out more of the liquid. As you noted from the full body photos above, this volunteer likes to leave a little tumescence in his penis rather than completely deflating it. Many of us would probably like to do this (make the flaccid penis a little bigger) if we had the option. Finally, we end with another head and shoulders view of our volunteer. In his 70's he is a happy and active man. During the week that he came to the studio to pose for pictures for this site, he was also opening a new restaurant! In January of 2003, he and his partner are getting married.

Questions and Answers

How did you decide to have the operation? Was having a problem with maintaining an erection long enough for any type of intercourse. Was thinking of the rod type and was advised by Dr. to go with the inflatable. To me a very wise bit of advice.

What was it like to have the operation? The operation was very easy and I was kept in hospital overnight.

Was the recovery painful? Had no pain after the operation. Was given prescription for pain killer but never needed it.

Between erections why do you leave the implant partially inflated? I leave the implant partially inflated for looks as I like the feel and looks of a partially erect penis.

Do you have any advice for others thinking about this possibility? My advice for any man thinking of an implant is to DO IT as soon as they can, as they will be very happy with the results. My only complaint is that I lost approximately 1/2" in length -- but I gained in girth.

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