Penile Implants

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Here we are providing another illustration of a malleable rod implant. This is the type of penile implant that remains of one length all the time. It can be bent down when not used for sex but will stand out from the body when positioned that way by the owner and is rigid enough for insertion. All thumbnails on this and other pages can be clicked for a larger version. The animated gifs do not enlarge when clicked. (Posted 4-28-03.)

age 63, height 6 ft., weight 165 lbs., erect penile length 5.75 in. (about 1 inch less than before implant)

This is a volunteer who has had his penile implant since September 2002. He has an all-over tan because he's a naturist (one who practices nudity in hiking and other outdoor activities). You may recognize him and his tan from the outdoors gallery. Pictures on Page 1 of the outdoors gallery are pre-implant and the pictures on Pages 2 and 3 of the outdoors gallery are post-implant. He would be interested in receiving an email saying what you think of his post-implant pix:


Here are some closer penile views of the penis with implant. These are various ways it can be positioned. In the photos you see here, his penis is the same length it will be when it is raised (manually) to an erect position.That makes him a "shower."


These animations show how this man is able to move his penis from a "down" position to an "out" or "up" position. To get it to its horizontal position he moves it higher and then lets it return to an intermediate point.


Questions and Answers

What was your medical history before the implant? About a year before the implant, I had a radical prostatectomy to remove cancer of the prostate. Because the surgeon was unable to save the nerves that run through the prostate, I was unable to obtain an erection with ordinary stimulation or with viagra. However, I was able to become erect with an injection prescribed by the urologist. In retrospect, perhaps I should have decided on that alternative. However, I do not like the idea of injecting myself, and having to carry the kit for the injection would interfere with spontaneous opportunities for sex since I would first have to take the time to do the injection and have the drug & needle with me.

How did you decide to have this operation? I decided to have this operation because I want to be sexually active and ready and able at all times for sex play. Also, since I am ordinarily a "top," I wanted to be able to fuck without anxiety about the firmness of the erection.

How did you decide what type of implant to have? I decided on the malleable rod implant for two reasons: first, it is cheaper than a pump; second, it should last my lifetime whereas the pump has a lifespan of approximately seven years, I was told. It does not bother me at all that with the rods my penis is larger than it would be when it was flaccid before the implant.

What was it like to have the operation and what was the recovery like? I greatly underestimated the pain & recovery time--taking off only one day from work (the day of the surgery). Of course, I was not conscious during the operation itself, so I can't report on what it was like during the operation. The recovery was indeed quite painful, far more painful than I anticipated, and it took a full month. In the month after surgery, I had difficulty bending the penis and could not get it either "down" or "up"! As a result, I bought very baggy corduroys & hoped that I wasn't too noticeable to others. Also, the pain during that period was quite intense. I thought it would never end, but my urologist/surgeon told me that such pain was normal & to wait a month before contacting him again.

What about bladder control? During prostate surgery, my entire bladder was temporarily removed, and the "bladder neck" with muscles which control urination was cut off. Consequently learning bladder control has been a real challenge though I do fairly well. However, it is not a good idea for me to laugh too hard!

Do you have any problem concealing the fact that you have an implant? I do not think I have any difficulty concealing the fact that I have an implant.

Any other thoughts you'd like to share with others considering a penile implant? When I am naked at my gym, it just looks as if I am "well-hung." I do, however, have some disappointments with the implant, and am not sure that I would choose it over the injections if I could make the decision knowing what I know now. Unfortunately, the surgery is irreversible since tissue from the penis is removed to make way for the implant. My first disappointment is that my penis with the implant is not as long or as "full" as it was when erect before surgery. The second disappointment is that it is sometimes more mallealble than I would like when engaged in sex & can twist in strange positions. Also, the cockhead isn't quite centered as it should be. However, the implant has made it possible for me to become sexually active again, and I am getting over whatever embarrassment I had about it initially.

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