Erections in Motion

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We're placing animated gifs (moving images) in this gallery. Some of them are fairly big files and they may take a while to download the first time. However, after that, when you revisit them they will open quicker because your computer has saved them. These animations don't reveal a lot of new information on the topic of variability in penile erections, but perhaps they are a little more interesting than the frozen images of still photos.

Here on Page 1 is a man age 40, height 5 ft. 10 in., weight 173, erection length 6.5 in. His first gif is not meant to show "realistic" action -- it shows the soft-to-hard process in only 3 steps. It is just a fun way to summarize the progression, rather like the speeded up images you may have seen of flowers opening.



Here we have the same model showing us his erection from a kneeling position.



He sits, looks down at his erection, and smiles at the photographer. This seated position illustrates why we always try to have the research or documentary photos taken while the model is standing. When a man is seated, the pelvis is tipped forward giving his erection a much higher angle. The sitting angle looks fine in an artistic picture, but we consider the standing angle to be the real measure of an erection angle.


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