Erections in Motion

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This is page 2 of the motion gallery. Here we introduce a young man age 25, height 183 cm., weight: 68 kg, flaccid length 10cm. / 4 in., flaccid circumference 8 cm. / 3.1 in., erect length 16 cm / 6.3 in., erect circumference 14cm / 5.5 in. He wrote: Like your site, and i thought what the heck, let's contribute! Made a few animated gifs.

This is a really nice gif showing the process of erection. It gives us a clear image of the progressive movement of the foreskin as the penis enlarges. We can also observe how the shaft of the penis begins in a soft n-curve position but keeps modifying its shape until it is fully straight, or maybe a little bit u-curved.



In this next gif our 25 year old visitor provides a really close view as he stretches the foreskin back and then returns it. Several people have asked to see more foreskin pictures, especially pictures where the foreskin fully covers an erect penis. Here's a very nice one!.



Here's another of the same action seen from the top.



This visitor made his animated gifs with a still camera. This is pretty difficult to do! We invite anyone who has the camera and software to make animated gifs to submit them to this address for the motion gallery.

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