Erections in Motion

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This is Page 6 of the motion gallery. Below are animated gifs of 3 men. The important thing about these gifs is that the pictures follow the same standards as the other major documentary galleries of this site. That is: 1. they are standing, 2. they are posed against a plain background, 3. no hands are touching the penis to support it or change the angle, and 4. no clothing is visible. These are the basic standards we've requested of everyone who sends in photos to be posted. We invite visitors to send in animated gifs in the flaccid and erect state to this address, but we request that you follow these posing standards.

On this page you'll see erections of 3 shapes - and you'll be able to see them in context of the full body and some body movement.



The first man's erection has an upward angle and a slight u-curve. There are a greater proportion of high angles among u-curve erections that among any other shape.



For the second man we begin with a flaccid penis and a full body portrait with a little side to side movement. The shape of his erection, as seen in the closer photo, is straight. The angle is at about 45 degrees. Straight erections have the greatest variability of angle of any shape, ranging from high to low.


Two additional profile photos of the same man emphasize the straightness of his erection. Note that the testes are pulled up fairly close to the body - this is typical for many men in the erect state.



The third man displays an n-curve erection and an angle that is below horizontal. There are a greater proportion of low angles among n-curve erections that among any other shape. (However, there are some n-curve erections that are above horizontal and there are some u-curve erections that are below horizontal.)

One last view in motion. The angle is a little lower here because his erection is not at its hardest.


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