How to make pictures for the erectionphotos site:

In visitor contributions (for 4 galleries: visitor pix, soft-hard, motion, and snapshots), we are looking for digital photos posed in the style of most of the pictures already on the erectionphotos site. You can do several close-ups in profile and 3/4 view, and/or you can do one or more full body poses, preferable in profile and in front view. We'd like to have the full body because it helps the viewer get a more realistic view of your erection, but if you don't want your face to show, you can do just the close-ups.

You may submit (1) erect photos or (2) comparison photos showing flaccid and erect (soft and hard) states.

These are the most important requirements for the photos:
1. you should be standing
2. no clothing should show
3. you should be posed in front of a plain background, a white wall of your
house will do (if you use a flash on your camera, stand well away from the
wall so the flash won't throw a dark shadow on the wall)
4. your hand should not be holding your erection, it should be at its
natural angle when fully hard
5. if your erection has a curve to the side, please include at least 1 front
view picture

Even though some of the current pix on my site are in black & white or duotone, your pictures should be in color. (Most of the other new pix we are adding will be in color.) Your pictures should ideally be in jpg format, but bitmap is also OK. And they should be of a nice large size - filling most of the computer monitor screen at 72 ppi (pixels per inch). Note that when you click on a thumbnail on my site, the picture that pops up fills a major part of the screen. We want yours to be big enough to do that.

You can send your pictures as attachments to email. We can handle emails with multiple attachments. However, if it is easier on your end (for example if you use AOL), it is OK to send several messages with 1 attachment each. When you send your pix please state your age, height, weight, and the length of your penis when flaccid (soft) and when erect (hard). Note that we do a little write-up about each subject. If there are other facts about yourself or your erection that you'd like to have on the web, please include these.

We can accept digital files only. Send them to this address .

We don't make any money on the site, it's purely informational, so we can't offer you any compensation. And we cannot promise to post your photos by any particular date. But you will have our sincere appreciation and admiration!