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You are on Page 2 of the Seniors gallery. It is devoted to a site visitor from France who is a naturist (some people might say nudist, but that's not really the right term). Born in 1936, he was 65 years of age when he sent these pictures -- making him a "young" senior, just barely eligible for this gallery. We're pleased to have him in the Seniors gallery because he has kept a photo record of his body for many years.

So in the following series of photos you will see, in reverse order, his journey to his current age. And, remarkably, these photos all include a penile erection. As he says: I am a photo hobbyist and I have start to take snapshots of me naked (I am also a naturist) about 1963. I am born in 1936. My wife collaborated at that time with the catch of sight; but quickly I had to manage alone. It is not so easy to be the photographer and the "model." I have many photos of me erect and I note that the angle of my erection had not very changed during 40 years. I think viewers will agree that in these pictures his erection seems to change very little and his body stays in remarkably good shape. Click to see a larger version of each photo. Use your browser's back button to return to this page of thumbnails.

We begin with a close-up
of his erection. (No date
or dimensions supplied.)

2002 age 65

1998 age 62

1996 age 60

1992 age 56

1986 age 50

1978 age 42

1975 age 39

1974 age 38

1970 age 34

1963 age 27

What a sequence! We should all be so fortunate in our looks and should take such good care of ourselves as this man does.

In his last email, he adds: Since a few months I experience some erectile dysfunction. It is perhaps because of that I made search on internet and I found your so interesting site. Age happens to us all. It's nice to view someone who has done it so gradually. Thank you for sharing some of the fruits of your photo hobby with all the visitors to this site!

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