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age 65, height 6 ft., weight 250 lbs., flaccid length not given, erect length 5.5 in.

Am sending you several pictures of my penis mostly flaccid and partially erect. It is hard for me to obtain a full erection because of the medication that I take for my heart.

Thanks for adding to the senior gallery. I think it is important for other visitors to know that there are some health conditions that make erections unlikely or impossible - and that some men decide just to live with that reality.

This senior volunteer is seen here and in some animated gifs in the "motion" gallery, so be sure to visit him there, too.

age 67, height 6 ft. 1 in., weight 210 lbs., flaccid length 2.5 in., erect length 6.25 in.

I am 67 so this may be of interest.

Indeed it is of interest! I suspect many of our visitors will appreciate the chance to see a penis with the glans so fully covered by the foreskin in both the flaccid and erect states. It's interesting that you have veins that are very visible in the foreskin.

This senior sent a series of photos documenting his progress from flaccid to erect. I would usually post only the first and last one, but this sequence is so nice that I decided to use the whole thing.

age 68, height 5 ft. 9 in., weight 167 lbs., flaccid length 3.5 in., erect length 6.75 in.

Here is a statement from this volunteer: Although I appear to be uncut in the photos, I am actually circumcised. At the time the circumcision occurred, at my birth, it appears that the doctor only removed about half of my foreskin. When flaccid the foreskin is long enough to cover all of the head except the tip. When my penis becomes erect, the foreskin automatically rolls back exposing the entire head.

These are non-Viagra pix. I have been able to maintain a very active sex life. My current wife is 39 and we have an extremely prolific sex life. Rarely a day passes without sexual activity. I suspect my penis angle when hard is somewhat unusual for a person my age. Up until a year ago, I had extremely forceful ejaculations....typically after abstaining for a few days I could shoot a good five feet. Now I would guess my best shot is about a foot or two but that may be due to the increased frequency of sex.

Viewers of this page will certainly recognize that this is a very sexually active 68 year old! It is nice to have this volunteer on our site because it reminds us that even though the trend with increasing age may be toward declining sexual activity and less rigid erections, that pattern does not apply to every individual. That's why "averages" can be so misleading - while they tell us much about the group, they tell us nothing about any particular individual in the group!

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