Flaccid - Erect Gallery (Soft - Hard)

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This is Page 2. It is devoted to one visitor who submitted an extensive and beautiful set of photos. His statistics are: age 57, height 6 ft. 2 in., weight 286 lbs. You will learn about his flaccid and erect dimensions in photos below. Here is his statement about participating in this site: Thank you for publishing this web site. It is helpful and honestly and tastefully done. I hope these photos and detailed measurements will be helpful to others who have worries or anxieties about soft size vs. erect. As you will see, I go from 1.75" - 2" (or almost 0" in cold Northeastern winters) to 4.5" erect. That's still below average, but it's only 0.57" below average, per the Wessel study. And I say that's been big enough over the years, even if the soft measurement has not been. As the webmaster, I think there is little doubt that what follows will be very useful to those who are concerned about size and I think those of larger size will benefit from seeing these pictures. All human traits are on a continuum. This man's penis is the brother of yours. And in the family of penises there are many smaller brothers.

The text in the captions beside each picture were written by the model. Click to see a large, clear version of each thumbnail. Use your browser's back button to return to this page.

As you can see from the rolls of fat in these pictures, I am significantly overweight (obese). As a result, given certain temperatures and conditions, the penis actually inverts and the glans "disappears." A simple 2-finger shake makes it return. This occurs fairly often in winter; almost never in warm weather.
This is a partial inversion. Shot at a slightly different angle than the picture to the left. Note that the glans is partially visible. Occurs more often than a total inversion during cold months.
This is a normal, front view. According to the Wessells study, my flaccid length is in the bottom 5% of the population. Most of the length is in the glans. (Note: the "glans" means the head.)
This is a normal side view.
A close up view from the front.
A close up view from the side.
A partial erection.
Full erection from the top. About 30% of the length is glans. Hair extends 1/3 of the shaft.

I think viewers will agree that this visitor has provided a tremendous amount of visual information about his penis. However, he goes further. Below are duplicates of some of the photos shown above. Here the subject has added some dimensions and some markers to make it clear exactly how the measurements were taken.

The distance across (the lateral diameter) the glans is 1.25" For comparison the first two joints of the thumb are 2.5"

Flaccid length 1.75 to 2". Testicles, measured with calipers:
Long axis of testicle: 2.5"
Short axis of testicle: 1.5"
Double scrotum skin fold thickness (to subtract from above measurements: 3/16"

Partial erection: length 4"
Erect length 4.5". The length is in the bottom 30.8% of the population according to the Wessells study. We often forget that although ~70% of the population has greater length, it is still only .57" less than average, and 30 out of 100 men are of this erect size or smaller. As the lady wrote in on your site: "can't tell the difference of 1/2 inch."

Thank you from the webmaster for these detailed photos. The quality of the files and the included information is outstanding.

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