Flaccid - Erect Gallery (Soft - Hard)

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This is Page 3, a continuation of our display of photos in pairs that show the penis while it is flaccid (soft) and while it is erect (hard). Most visitors want to send in just a pair of pictures. But, as seen in Page 2, if you go to the trouble of creating a really special set of pictures, more space can be allotted.

age 38, height 5 ft. 9 in., weight 15 stones 3 lbs, erect length 7.25 in.

Your site is very refreshing. For a long time I thought I was medium sized but I now realise that I am above average it seems, keep up the good work, maybe it will put a lot of men's minds at rest once they see other men's penis's in a non sexual manner.

Thanks for sending in such nice, large-size pictures of your penis. In the 2 profile views the foreskin shows nicely in its forward and retracted positions.The top view gives visitors a clear sense of what a left curve (the most common kind) is like.

age 25, height 6 ft., weight 240 lbs., flaccid length 3 in., erect length 6.25 in.

Your research has given me the correct size of my penis.

Well, I'm glad that you now feel you know your correct size. It's probably not important that anyone have an absolutely "correct" penis size -- but on the other hand, we tend to try to be accurage in our height, weight, shoe size, etc. -- so why not?



age 52, height 5'6", weight 12 1/2 stone, flaccid length 2 in., erect length 4.5"

I've been an insulin dependant diabetic since 5 years old, now have complications in cardiovascular and nerve systems, ie - 40% + loss of sensation. Particularly a problem with feelings around the glans, and though erection takes place readily, does not sustain as there is little feeling. You will see from the pics that there is a wee lean on my dick. Also there is MUCH hair, right down the shaft. I have taken pics depicting normal flacid, beginning erection, full un-assisted erection, and erection with a slight restriction band on his base. This sure helps with staying up. I also need to use (successfully) an intercorporal injection. All in all, no use complaining. It still gives me a thrill.

There are a number of conditions that can affect erections over time, diabetes being one of them. It's nice that a simple device such as a restriction band can help.

age 30, height 5 ft. 10 in., weight 185 lbs, flaccid length 3.5 in., erect length 5.75 in.

This visitor did not send in any comments. He's letting his pictures speak for themselves. They seem to make a very nice statement!

age 62, height 6 ft., weight 188 lbs., flaccid and erect lengths not given

I consider my self a healthy, active retiree who enjoys life to the fullest extent.

This visitor sent in a variety of photos but none of them was completely flaccid or fully erect. However, I am presenting these 2 because they are such large, clear pictures and they show an uncircumsized penis with the foreskin in its natural position and also retracted. In the retracted position (at the right) notice how the skin arranges itself in folds along the shaft of the penis. Thanks for sending in your pictures.

age 35, height 5 ft. 10 in., weight 185 lbs., flaccid length 1.75 in., erect length 5 in.

I've enjoyed your new soft-hard comparison page and I would like to contribute. Attached is a pic of my penis in its soft state - you already have a pic of my boner. It's small but it gets compliments.

OK, I'll move your erection photo here from the Visitors' Pix gallery. It's really nice to hear that someone can get compliments on his penis even if it isn't 8 inches long. There is a comment to the Q&A page from a young man with a 4.5" erection who said his girlfriend laughed at him. I'm glad you (and many other men) have had a happier experience than that.

age 26, 5 ft. 11 in., weight 180 lbs., flaccid length 1.75 in., erect length 4.75 to 5 in.

Hello! I've enjoyed your website, it's proven to me that lots of guys are small like me. I hope you can use these shots.

Thanks for contributing your pix. I think it's good sometimes to focus on genital features other than length - like your impressive balls.

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