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You're now on Page 4 of this gallery. Like Page 2, this is devoted to just one visitor, each special in his own way. I really appreciate what both of these men have added to this site.

Profile view

Age not reported, height 6 ft. 3 in., weight 226 lbs., flaccid length 6.5 in. erect length 9 in., occupation: Firefighter

I'd like to submit some photos of my penis for your soft-hard gallery. Even though I'm about 9" erect, I thought you might want to include some more photos of black males. My "n-curve" penis curves slightly to the left.

Profile view

Thanks for submitting the nice pair of photos above. As you say in your correspondence, you certainly are a shower. Because you start at such a long flaccid length (6.5 in.) you increase by only 2.5 in. to reach your erect 9 in. length. The increase of 2.5 in. is only 38.5% of your flaccid length. On Page 1 of this gallery (at the bottom of the page) there is a man who also increases 2.5 in. to reach his erect length. However he goes from a flaccid length of 1 in. to an erect length of 3.5 in., and the added 2.5 in. represents 250% of his flaccid length. This demonstrates that even if growers and showers increase the same absolute amount - the percent of increase may be very different.

The picture on the right is a view from above. (Note to viewers: the skin color differences between these pictures are the result of different lighting.) In the first profile erect picture we see your n-curve and in the overhead view we see your left curve. In the photo research, 3.7% of the sample had this same combination of curves.

Overhead view

The visitor on this page is a bodybuilder so is used to being in front of the camera. While he needs to remain anonymous, he has submitted some photos that show his penis in the context of his full body. These are the kinds of photos that could easily go on the "art" gallery of this site.

Body pose. We get the full effect of this visitor's "shower" status. Body pose. Here we see that when this man gets in just the right position, his erection can be a little higher than in the closeup erection photos.

This visitor sent detailed and insightful emails along with his photos. That's one of the reasons I am including a variety of his pictures and below am giving a transcript of his emails and my responses. The emails have been divided up by topics. By reading the materials from left to right you will get a sense of the dialogue that has gone on between the visitor and the webmaster.

Comments from this visitor
Responses from the Webmaster
When I stumbled upon the site I found it quite interesting, particularly because the topic is so taboo (porn not withstanding). I was curious about how you got involved in this project in the first place and what you've found or hope to find. I look forward to hearing from you. I started doing this work when I began to experience erectile dysfunction in 1993. (I'm age 66 now.) I'm a retired university professor and had always done research in another field -- so I just applied my experience to the field of penile erections. I had also done artistic nudes as a hobby for quite a few years, and I knew many men did not mind posing with an erection. So I gathered photo data, something that no other serious academic had thought to do, as far as I can tell. The text and tables of my research are published on another site. By the way, do you have any anecdotal information on African American erections? I have so few in my sample I can't make any generalizations. I do know, however, there are black men who have very modest size flaccid and erect penises (for example, the first man in the "full color" gallery) and some others who are definitely on the small side. Kinsey got about the same average length for black and white males, but noticed that there was a somewhat larger number of penises at the extreme upper end of the scale in his black sample. If there were a slightly larger number of "size stars" in the African American population, they alone might account for the commonly-held belief that black men are bigger. Do you have any insights?
I find it really interesting how we have come to place so much importance on penis size. I guess I can trace my own fixation back to one of my earliest sexual encounters, when I was 17 years old. Because I am tall, have large feet (size 14) and hands (I have a hard time fitting gloves), I was hounded by this girl who was convinced that I was hung like a horse. In fact, she would virtually grope me in her attempts to find out how large I was. When we finally had sex, she was disappointed that I was not bigger. "Oh, you're not that big," she responded after I got it all the way in. I'm not sure exactly what she was looking for (I had not seen any other erect penises at that point), but I took her remark and declining interest in me to mean that there were definitely bigger and more desirable penises out there. And, yes, because of the reputation that black men are bigger (she was black), I assumed that she had been with bigger black men and sought a partner that measured up in this regard. As an early, formative experience that one is quite remarkable. It illustrates how "size" is in no way absolute, and even if you're (objectively) big, someone can still put expectations on you that you should be bigger. All of the stories I have collected where a female put down her partner have been from men whose size was smaller than average. I don't know if you've read the Q&A page on this site, but there are some poignant stories there regarding perceptions of size.
Prior to that encounter, I never really thought much about my penis size. Since then, I've thought about it much, even though all of the women (all black) I have been with have openly commented on how big I am (particularly on my length). Well, I'm glad that after that first girl, you've had women who appreciate your penile endowment.
As for anecdotal evidence about black male size, I have seen very few erect black penises. Because I have worked out regularly for nearly 15 years, I spend a lot of time showering in gyms. In that time, I have only glimpsed 1 or 2 erect black penises. It is hard to estimate, of course, without the aid of a standard point of reference, so it's hard for me to say. Most of the men I see are smaller in stature than I, making it that much more difficult for me to estimate (when I look at full body pictures of myself, my penis often appears smaller than others' due to my height and the size of my hands). That said, I have seen countless black and white flaccid penises over the years, and as your site demonstrates, they come in all shapes and sizes. I have seen extremely small black ones and rather impressive white ones. You are right to take height into account. In the recent Italian study (of 3,300 military men age 17-19 in Tuscany) penile length (both flaccid and stretched) was positively correlated with height but negatively correlated with weight and Body-Mass Index. So the fact that you are a tall man is appropriately predictive of your long penis. This is, of course, only a correlation not a perfect prediction, and some tall men do not have longer than average penises.
But I will say that black flaccid penises do generally seem to be larger than the white one's I've seen. But I also know that flaccid size can be misleading in terms of erect size in that some men are "showers," while others are "growers." In fact, I've heard that black men are more likely to be "showers." If that were true, one could probably confirm it even if the research sample were not entirely representative of all black men. In other words, if it were a general characteristic, any sample would do. That's an intriguing research idea, because it could be studied without getting the "impossible" random sample. (I mean is impossible only in that there is no way to get that level of cooperation and participation.) If most black men really are showers, that in itself could account for the "black myth."
I am a shower myself, measuring about 6" - 7" flaccid when warm and fully relaxed. That is, I grow only about 2 to 3" when fully erect. (See the first 2 photos on this page.) It's interesting to know that you are 6" - 7" even when flaccid. That means you have a flaccid penis that is longer than the average erect penis. Most of us can't even imagine what it would feel like to have that much penis in our pants all the time. Most men feel big only when they are erect.
In the end, I am curious about the "black myth" largely because of the pressure it places on black men, in particular. I have a gay friend who claims to have slept with a 100 or so black men. Based on his experiences, he says that he thinks the typical black male has an 8" penis. Now I don't know if he has measured or not. But he claims that the largest he's had was about 11", and that 8-10" is more common than studies might have us believe. I've countered that it is likely that the larger penises get more exposure and are thus probably overrepresented in his experiences -- particularly if that's what a gay male is seeking and uses as a criterion. He wasn't convinced. I do know, however, that my experiences in the gym suggest that black men are less likely to expose themselves in public (many don't shower after their workouts) for fear of not measuring up to the myth. My gay friend (black male), who is himself high average in size (6.5"), says he does not shower in public because his flaccid penis size embarrasses him (i.e., he doesn't feel like he lives up to the "black standard"). It really pains me to realize that men who are above average are embarrassed by the look of their penises. And this is all about how they look - not how they function. There must be some substantial misinformation out there -- you could almost call it disinformation, in the sense of propaganda. The 8" average your friend quotes just has to be wrong. There is no way it can be correct, because in the Wessells study (the best so far) of the 80 subjects 20% were black, 12.5% Asian, and the rest white. That black 20% is not too far off from the black % in the general US population - and the Wessells study comes up with an average erect length of 12.89 cm. which converts to 5.07 inches. So with a 5" average for all subjects (including 20% black), there is no way the black average can be anywhere near 8". I think your friend has carefully selected his sex partners for their equipment!
I've fought this fear myself (of not measuring up to the "black standard") at different points in my life, despite the studies suggesting that I'm probably in the 95th percentile or so in length. I know it shouldn't be, but it can be quite a burden! I'm not sure where you got the 95th percentile, but in the Kinsey data 95% represents an erection that is only 7.5" -- and the Kinsey data, and my own data, almost surely suffer from having too few shorter erections. You have an exceptionally large penis. I believe that if we were to have a reliable study with a really good sample, men who are 9" (plus all those who are longer) would make up only the top 1/2% or less. Even using the self-reported Kinsey data, you would be in the top 1 or 2%.
I'd be curious about your take on the validity of the scientific studies. Most I've seen suffer from too few black males in the sample to really be able to say definitively whether there's a racial difference. As far as I can tell, and I've done a lot of careful reading, there is no existing research study that can adequately compare racial or ethnic groups on any features of the penis. And I don't think one is likely to be done in the foreseeable future. It would be a political hot potato. There is generally little funding for descriptive research on the genitalia - and little professional reward for doing it. One could ask, what's the point? Just curiosity? It's hard to see how such a study could serve any health need - other than the mental health need that may result from the pressure on black men that you mentioned. And even if you produced solid information, people are still likely to believe "street knowledge" and be pressured by it. So, I doubt if it will happen. (I do still find the question of whether black men tend to be showers intriguing. It could be paired with the question of whether Asian men tend to be growers.)
Also, many seem to be self-report data, which raises the possibility of exaggerated measurements or inconsistent measurement technique. Finally, many of the informal studies allow men to select themselves, which probably results in an overrepresentation of larger men. So where do you stand on all this Yes, all these are quite real problems with research on the penis. You can find more about my views on this in the discussion and conclusion of my article at the research section of this site. As I said in the paragraph above there is very little professional incentive to pursue this type of research. I am a member of a scientific society concerned with sexuality, and no one that I know in that group of academics is pursuing this topic. My goal in doing the study that I did, and in creating some web sites, has been to give some visual reality to variability among penises. Since I enjoy photography and am competent at it, I can use photos (and data from photos) to make a little headway in helping people moderate their extreme attitudes on this topic. If penises were as visible as hands or faces, we wouldn't have so many strange and anxious thoughts about them. I don't know exactly what my sites are doing, but there is hardly a day that passes that someone doesn't write to thank me for them - so I guess they meet some need.
Thanks for taking the time to respond to my email in such a detailed fashion. It's not often that one has the opportunity to discuss such matters so extensively and openly. I believe you are right about the "black is bigger" myth and that my gay friend probably does seek out and attract men who are on the large side. That said, the notion that black men are bigger is deeply ingrained in our culture, I think, and I encounter references to this belief (jokes, innuendo, etc.) from black (and white) friends and acquaintances all the time. Despite my objectively large size, the pressure of it all has still activated my insecurities from time to time. Invariably, one sees the porn film with the thick, 12" black star and suddenly feels that this is the epitome of black manhood. For me, this is probably because I have always been quite competitive, first in sports, then (and now) in bodybuilding, and in my career. I can only imagine the struggles that smaller black men must endure, particularly if they are the competitive type as well. (As a side note, people have joked in my presence that bodybuilders focus on muscle mass to offset their small penis size.) I'm absolutely convinced that this is why in my experience, black men tend to be much more private in locker room situations than the white men I've observed over the years. More pressure to measure up to the mythical standard! Your site and research article (which I read) are breaths of fresh air. Keep up the good work! Take care.

And thank you for the extensive comments and personal experiences. As a white guy, it's really mind blowing to learn that you and other black men have a weight of expectation on your shoulders -- that you should be "hung like a horse." By the way, speaking of outside pressures, you should be wary not only of what men say but of what women say. I'm convinced that some women lie about the size of their partners, just as men tend to lie about their own stats. It's as if some women need to have some trophy cocks to their credit. Throughout this whole correspondence it has concerned me that you, a man with a penis of notable size, would feel such social pressure. I'm sure many of our readers may not at first be inclined to give you much sympathy but rather will think, "At 9 inches, he should have it so bad!" But you certainly have my concern. Your story illustrates that the size obsession wreaks havoc not only on the small but on the large -- and everyone in-between. That we are all in trouble if we allow society to define our worth by our penis size. That's one reason I'm glad page 4 and page 2 of this gallery are dramatically different -- so that all of us can face the clear differences in bodies and in penises and acknowledge something good in every one.

To deeply accept ourselves we have to develop the ability to acknowledge that everyone else is OK. When we do that we can resist the illogical and carping pressures of society. Accept the other guy's penis, accept your own. Celebrate diversity!

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