Flaccid - Erect Gallery (Soft - Hard)

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This is Page 7 of our display of photos in pairs that show the penis while it is flaccid (soft) and while it is erect (hard). Newer entries are at the top of the page.

age 33, height 5 ft. 10 in., weight 190lbs., flaccid length 3 in., erect length 5 in.

I hope these will be useful for others.

I'm sure visitors will enjoy seeing your photos and will find them useful. Only by seeing a lot of images can we build up a reality-based concept of the penis.

age 48, height 6 ft. 1 in., 170 lbs., faccid length just over 1 in., erect length just under 4 in.

Thanks so much for sending your excellent, clear series of photos. I'm glad you like the site enough to want to contribute to it. I think others will benefit from seeing the wide variety of photos we've been able to gather.

age 29, height 5 ft. 9 in., weight 168 lbs., flaccid length 3.5 in. erect length 8.25.

Superb web site. I hope these pics of my hard and soft penis are of help.

Thanks to you and the others who send photos in a second time (after I had lost a bunch of them).

age 38, height 5 ft. 7 in., weight 80 kilo, flaccid length 3.5 in., erect length 5.5 in.

Hi I consider myself on the small side. I think average is between 6 and 7 inches.

Thanks for sending in your handsome pictures and your stats. You may "think" the average is between 6 and 7 inches, but there is no good evidence that this is true. Those figures come from self-reported studies of self-selected subjects. The only study that does not have these faults produces an average of 5.07 inches.

age 18, height 5 ft. 8 in., weight 115 lbs, flaccid length 4 in., erect length 6.5 in.

Thank you for having this site, it was a site like this that alleviated some fears I had about having a curve in my erection.

I'm very glad to have some photos from younger men. Some men have written me who are in their 50s and 60s saying it would have changed their lives if they had had this kind of information in their teens. Guys younger than 18 (when it is illegal to visit this site) are the ones who really need good, accurate information on erections. In fact, there's one piece of information (see the 4th question and answer on page 1 of the Q&A section) that could potentially be very useful to teenagers and might help them purposefully influence their erection angle and shape. It's harder to do when you're older. I've been wondering how I could get this information to teens but haven't figured out a way yet.

age 28, height 5 ft. 9 in., weight 150 lbs, flaccid length 4 in. erect length 6 in.

Even though my wife always told me my erection was normal, I always thought it was smaller than average. Looks like my wife was correct! It was a big step for me to do this even though I am somewhat of an exhibitionist I guess! Taking the pics was different and it was also different to see my penis as a photo -- but then again, kinda arousing!

As a heterosexual man you shouldn't be surprised by being aroused by other penises or by your own. I have some comments on this topic in the Q&A section of my site. Thanks for participating.

age 29, height 5 ft. 10 in., weight 145 lbs., flaccid length 2 to 3 in., erect length 5 in.

I am half Filipino, half American, so I guess my Asian genes gave me a penis on the smaller side. No one has ever commented on my size, so I'm satisfied with it. Like all guys, the size of my soft penis varies, depending on my body temperature. In the pic of my soft penis, it's about at its average soft length, which means it can shrink and get even smaller.

Thank you for submitting your nice, clear photos. I'll be happy to post them.

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