Flaccid - Erect Gallery (Soft - Hard)

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This is Page 8 of our display of photos in pairs that show the penis while it is flaccid (soft) and while it is erect (hard). Newer entries are at the top of the page.

age 54, height 5ft. 5in., weight 65 kg., length flaccid 5.2 in., length erect 7.5 in.

Originally when younger my flaccid and erect lengths were shorter. My penis had a 45 degree angle up and a slight upward curve. With age the angle has decreased to almost 10 degrees or less. The difference in length is accounted for by using enlargement techniques: weights and milking.

Thanks to this visitor for his attractive, clear photos and his comments. This is practically the only individual who has sent in a claim to this site that he successfully added to his penile length. Scores of others have written in to say that they faithfully used the techniques with no results. I do NOT recommend any of these so-called enlargement technques.

age 67, 5 ft. 9 in., 170 lbs., flaccid length 2.5 in., erect length about 5.25 in.

In my 20's it was about 6.25 in. hard, so I have lost a little over the years. In fact at this shrink rate, when I am 123, I will be a woman. Perhaps the loss can be attributed to the fat ring around the base of my penis. At least it has not lost its ability to satisfy the guy on the other end of it.

Viewers will appreciate your photos and your candor about
some loss of length over the years. In the scientific data there is some suggestion of loss of length with age, but I don't think the research is entirely conclusive. The next visitor illustrates why.

age 65, height 5 ft. 9 in., weight 131 lbs., flaccid length 4.25 in. (the foreskin that adds another half inch), erect length 6.25 in.

I have been this height, weight, and size since I was 14/15 yrs old. I have been told by several men (straight and gay) that I have a nice penis. I have never been ashamed of my penis and at every opportunity I will be in the nude. In the locker room as a teenager and now at the gym I never cover myself..

Thanks for your comments as well as your pictures. While a significant number of men may get fatter and may loose some penis size with age, I think your story illustrates that this is by no means a universal or inevitable trend.

age 39, height 5 ft. 9 in., weight 200 lbs., flaccid length 3.5 in., erect length 5.75 in.

Always thought I was small - but seems like I'm sort of average. Never had any complaints on size!

I think you have an aesthetic penis. Thank you for using a solid colored background for your photos. I hope others who send in photos will be as careful as you in posing their shots so that nothing else clutters up the picture and distracts from the view of the penis.

age 44, height 172 cm., weight 89 kg., flaccid length 8 cm., erect length 16 cm, erect circumference 16 cm (!)

Many Greetings, I send you 2 Pics of my Penis.

I can see why you put an exclamation point after your erect circumference. The average is 12.30 cm., so at 16 cm. your circumference converts to 6.3 in. I began this site without including circumference (or girth) data, but since some men have sent it in, I'm beginning to occasionally post it.

age 31, height 6 ft. 1 in., weight 175 lbs., flaccid length 3 in., erect length 6 in. and 5.5 in. around

My dick curves a little to the left as you can see. I always felt below normal in size but I think that I am about average around.

From scientific studies, we believe that a left curve occurs in between 10 and 13% of men whereas a right curve occurs in only 1 to 2%. Thanks for providing an illustration.

age 27, height 1,80 meters, weight 70 kg., flaccid length 3.5 in., erect length 6 in.

Visitors to this site benefit from seeing many specific examples of the flaccid/erect contrast. Thanks for adding your attractive pictures to the ones they will see.

age 53, height 5 ft. 9 in., 185 lbs, 2.25 in. flaccid and 6.25 in. erect.

I am circumcised, but retained some forskin and have stretched it, so that when flaccid, I appear to be uncut -- but when erect am obviously cut.

I always appreciate getting good photos and large files. Thank you for your high quality contribution.

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