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Age 20, height 6ft. 5 in. (195 cm.), weight 147 lbs. (67 kg.), flaccid length 1.25 ins. (11 cm.), erect length 6.5 in. (16.5 cm.)

As you can see I have a quite major left bent penis, but thanks to this site I realize it is not that uncommon after all, and that is why I wanted to contribute. My age might also be a positive thing in this since a lot of guys around my age question wether they are normal or not, we've all sneaked a peek at all the guys in the shower in school at some point and asked ourselves if we're normal.

Also, when I was a child I had surgery on my foreskin because it was too narrow to unfold over the whole head, this rendered me "halfly" circumsized. Since I've read that this happens to approximatly 1 in 15 boys there's bound to be more guys like me out there as well.

I thank you for this site and I hope that many guys, like me, realize that they have a perfectly normal penis after all.

I'm glad you found this site! Thanks for sending your large set of photos with views from every angle. These will certainly enable visitors to see a strong curve, perhaps the most significant lateral curve on this site. People need to know that any shape that still satisfies sexual partners and gives its owner pleasure is OK.


e-left e-left-angled

e-right-angled e-top

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