Flaccid - Erect Gallery (Soft - Hard)

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This is Page 11 of our display of photos in pairs that show the penis while it is flaccid (soft) and while it is erect (hard). Newer entries are at the top of the page.

age 19, height 5 ft. 10 in., weight 65 kilos, flaccid length 2.5 to 3 in., erect length 4.5 in., erect circumference 4 in.

I think it's quite small, a bit below average but it doesnt bother me. The pictures on the site help show i'm not far off. I don't hide myself in the locker room but am quite embarrassed about it if someone talks about penis size.

I'm happy to post your pictures. Thanks for adding to the group.

age 38, height (not given), weight 96 kg., flaccid length between 8 and 11,5 cm, erect length 17 cm.

I`m from Germany. Most girls said, he (my penis) is very thick. The glans is smaller than the shaft.

Thank you for adding your personal pictures to our soft-hard gallery. It's nice to see the sequence of frames from flaccid to erect.

age 46, height 5 ft. 10 in., weight 165 lbs., flaccid length 5.25 in., flaccid girth 5 in., erect length 7.75 in, erect girth 6 in.

I used to be embarrassed being so big and floppy (when flaccid). I noticed through High School that most guys penises retracted shorter and pointed more straight-out when flaccid than mine did. Mine was long and hung down below my balls. For years I've been shy in situations such as the locker room. Not avoiding them entirely, just careful not to be too obvious, you know...kept a towel on except when actually showering and then mostly faced the wall. I worried guys would think I masterbated too much and stretched it out. But your site and others have shown me that there is great natural variety and I shouldn't be self-conscience.

I'm sure visitors will appreciate your frank comments about how you've felt being a "shower." Thanks for sharing your pix and your experience.

age 25, height 183 cm., weight 68 kg., flaccid length 10 cm. (4 in.), erect length 16 cm. (6.3 in.), erect circumference 14 cm. (5.5 in.)

like your site, and i thought what the heck, let's contribute! European caucasian, uncircumcised, obvious left curve.

You're obviously a good photographer, and you've made some very nice pictures of a good looking penis. Thanks also for sending us the animations that are now on page 2 of the motion gallery.

age 21, height 5 ft. 11 in., weight 155 lbs., flaccid length 3.6 in., erect length 6.5 in.

I've always been fascinated in the unique look, length, angle of erection, etc. of different penises. My penis is straight when hard other than the upward angle. I'm happy with my penis and wouldn't change anything.

Thanks for adding your pictures to this gallery. We have quite a range of ages represented here!

age 26, height 5 ft. 4 in., weight 175 kg., flaccid length (not given), erect length 4.8 in.

I like my penis but I think it's a little bit small. When I look on other websites for penis sizes then I see that the average length of a teenager from 15 years is above 5 inch.

I'm sorry you are willing to believe such unfounded "information." I wish you or some other visitor would send the the URL that contains this statement so that I could check out the source. It's just impossible that this could be based on a reputable study.

age 34, height 180 cm, weigth 82 kg, flaccid length 10 cm, flaccid circumference 11,5 cm, erect length 14,5 cm, erect circumference 14 cm, German

Thanks for your attractive, clear pictures. We always appreciate receiving
large files.

age 26, weight 65 kg, height 175 cm, flaccid length 2.56 in., erect length 5.5 in.

I am born in Austria/Europe and live for 2 years in USA. My foreskin is very long but is normal for Europeans - the most of us are uncut.

Thank you for your photos and your comments about your origins.

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