Flaccid - Erect Gallery (Soft - Hard)

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This is Page 12 of our display of photos in pairs that show the penis while it is flaccid (soft) and while it is erect (hard). Newer entries are at the top of the page.

age 39, height 5 ft. 6 in., weight (not given), flaccid length 1.5 in., erect length 5.75 in.

Thanks for sending in your photos by regular mail. Sorry it took so long to get them scanned and posted. Our work load is so heavy that we're no longer able to accept photos by regular mail. So from now on contributors will need to send in their digital files as attachments to email.

age 59, height (not given), weight 68kg., flaccid length 2.5 in., erect length 5 inches, 4.25 in. circumference

At the moment uncircumcised, but may require circumcision shortly as trouble with recurring posthitis- would be interesting to show before and after shots.

Thanks for the fine photos and for your detailed comments on the history of your foreskin. I've posted those comments on Q&A page 3, item #20.

age, height, and weight (not supplied), flaccid length 5.25 in. erect length 7.25 in., with circumference tapering from 6+ in at base to an average for shaft of 5.5+ in.

On the whole I am happy with my penis. I currently have 2 regular partners. One Just describes my penis as "Big". The other says she loves it and although she does not consider it especially long she finds the thick base and shape satisfying.

Thanks for the comments on how your partners perceive and experience your penis. That's one important "measure" of a penis.

age 28, height 164 cm., weight 128 lbs., flaccid length 3.25 in., flaccid circumference 4.5 in., erect length 5.5 in., erect circumference 5.5 in., ethnicity Asian Indian

Its about time someone put up such a site where viewers can submit their statistics along with photos. I too like many of the visitors have felt that my penis was small but now, knowing that it's about average has made me feel so much better! I've realised that height doesn't neccessarily equate to penis length - phew!

Actually, an Italian study shows that there is a slight correclation between height and penis length, but it equals only +.21 which means there are a LOT of exceptions to the expectation that taller = longer.

age 49, height 5 ft. 8 in. , weight 180 lbs., faccid length is 3.5 in., erect length 5.5 in., I live in the UK.

As I've got older I have the impression my penis is getting shorter.

I think this impression is due to weight gain which makes the penis look shorter in proportion. Also fat gathering around the groin area and over the pubic bone can take .5" or more off the apparent length. It also makes the scrotum less distinct where it joins the body. Forget enlargement I'll go on a diet!!

age early 30's, height 6 ft. 3 in., weight 212 lbs., erect length 6 in., erect cirumference 6 in.

I lost my virginity when I was 27 years old. I have always hated my penis. I feel like a circus freak. What I do love about my penis is my thickness.

I'm sad to hear that you feel like a circus freak - you're not. If you will browse through the hundreds of photos on this site, you'll see that penises come in all sorts of shapes and that there are quite a few others that are similar to yours.

age 32, height 5 ft. 8 in., weight 330 lbs., flaccid length 1 in., erect length 5.5 in.

I hope these will be useful for others.

I wish I could share with you all the letters I've gotten from visitors saying that viewing the pictures on this site really has helped releive some of their concerns. Thank you for adding your photos to this affirmation of penis variability.

age 20, height 5 ft. 11 in., weight 170 lbs., flaccid length 5.5 in., erect length 7.8 in.

I am not sure if I am normal but my erection is only about 30% larger than when soft. It was my girlfriend's idea to send in the pictures. It would be cool to see my pictures on the internet though.

I'm glad your girlfriend encouraged you to send your photos. It is normal for men who have large flaccid penises (and 5.5 in. is certainly a large flaccid size) to grow proportionately less than those with small flaccid penises. The absolute amount of growth in large penises is still dramatic.

age 22, height 5 ft. 11 in., weight 150 lbs., flaccid length 3.75 in., erect length 6.5 in.

Always considered myself to be quite average, but I see that I am a bit longer than average. This might seem strange, but I've always thought I had an attractive penis, not alot of blemishes. I do have a bit of a left curve and my erection is at about 70 degrees. One of the things I've always had going for me is being quite slender, it shows length well.

I'm very pleased to hear you comment on your whole body and how your penis looks in that context. It's good for each person to recognize what he's got going for him.

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