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Like several other galleries, I am beginning to divide this up into several pages. This is page 2 of the Visitors' Pix gallery. From now on I'm going to put the new pictures at the top of the page so they'll be easy for repeat visitors to find.

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age 18, height 6 ft. 2 in., weight 165 lbs., erect length 4.5 in.

I have always been self conscious about my small penis. I am always more reserved with women because i fear rejection because of my penis. Hopefully this will help me a little.

I think when you look at your pix and compare them to the others on my site, you'll see that you have a handsome penis. It will be attractive to other viewers too. A number of men have written me to say that it "helped" them psychologically to post their photos.

age 29, height 5 ft. 10 in., weight 145 lbs., flaccid length 4.5 in., erect length 8.25 in. circumference 6 in.

The curve of my penis does not bother me nor my sexual partners. During intercourse, it seems to take form/contour with the vagina. No friction or discomfort. I masturbate with my left hand, but my penis curves to the right.

You may be interested to know that in the Kinsey data about 13% of research subjects had a left or right curve - with the right curve less frequent (about 1 out of 5 curves or 20% of all curves). But for those subjects who reported masturbating with the left hand as you do, and also had a curve, the proportion of right curves rose to 34%. So, there seems to be some slight relationship between handedness of masturbation and the lateral direction of penis curve. You and other visitors might also be interested in reading item #4 in the Q&A section.

age 25, height 5 ft. 8 in., weight 150 lbs., erect length 5.5 in.

I am Korean American and was circumcised at birth.

You are one of the men who sent in a second copy of pictures that I had lost. Thank you! To me, your high angle and the smooth quality of your skin makes your penis especially attractive. I usually don't attempt to make ethnic comparisons, but one of my early models was Korean American (the last one seen in the gallery called "intro pix") and had this very nice skin quality.

age 38, height 5 ft. 8 in., weight 240 lbs., flaccid length 1", erect length 3.75".

Here is my photo.

Thanks for the nice addition to visitors' pix gallery. Even though we don't have a flaccid picture, from the data you've given, you're a champion "grower."

age 44, height 5 ft. 9 in., weight 158 lbs., erection length 5 to 5.25 in.

I always considered myself small ... as the flaccid length may only be 1.5 to 2 inches. Its good to see I am "solidly average".

Thanks for participating. Your photos are exceptionally crisp and clear. After looking at them I felt I had really "seen" your erection, and I think other visitors to this page will too.

age 31, weight 80 kg., height 172 cm., erection length 5.25 in.

Hi ! My penis is 5" around the mid shaft. It curves slightly to the left and a bit upwards when fully erect.

Each penis has its own special features. The average circumference in the Wessells study was 4.84 inches. Even though it is only a little more that the average, yours has the appearance of being quite thick. A handsome look!

age 48, height 6 ft. 2 in., weight 174 lbs., erection length 6 to 6.5 in.

I found the penis as a truly sculpture beautiful "things".

Thanks for sending this photo. You've given us a nice close-up view of the area where the foreskin is anchored at the base of the glans. This is sometimes called the frenum. (Viewers will notice that the subject has used photo editing software to edit out the background to these 2 photos and to give them a solid color. That is probably the reason for the sometimes strange appearance of the edges between the figure and the background.)

age 29, height 6 ft., weight 170 lbs., erection length 5.75 in.

Thanks for showing my pictures.

Happy to be able to show them. I think visitors will be interested to compare your two pictures and see how the 3/4 view reveals your left curve. In the photo research only a little over half the erections (54.3%) were completely straight. If that research represents the general population (and we can't be sure it does) that means that nearly half of all men have a curve of some kind.

age 19, height 166 cm., weight 55 kgs., erection length 5 in., Singaporean

So I'm average? Still not feeling confident about the length though.

Confidence sometimes just takes a while to develop. You have a very normal erection and some sexual partners are going to find it very attractive and satisfying. Maybe that's what you'll need for confidence about your length.

age 35, height 175 cm, weight 75kg, erection length 6.75 in., Asian (Thai)

Taking photo of my own cock was very awkward. It is difficult to get it fully hard and make it stay long enough to take a photo. Most girls love the curve, some hate it.

Thanks for making a plain background in your pictures - it helps not to have other distractions. I think visitors will appreciate seeing your n-curve plus left curve. This double curve was characteristic of 3.7% of men in the photo research.

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