An Adult Circumcision Experience

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This is another unique page. It is devoted to a visitor we will call "Scix." He documented his adult circumcision and shares the experience with us - using a lot of humor. It's better to laugh than cry! These pictures are not clickable - except for the last 2 that give you a clear picture of how "Scix" looks after the healing process. This is an important page, be sure you reach the end and see the beautiful pictures there, including a full-body photo of the narrator. You'll also find a link to his web page.

I am an uncircumcised man, and a strong advocate for NOT circumcising infants. The why of the matter can be discussed elsewhere -- but after all this, I'm even more adamant. Infants go through all I did, but without anasthesia.

In a rare(?) case of the universe's intellect declaring itself clearly through irony, I have been afflicted with a foreskin that's too tight. Through most of my life it was just fine, but in the past five or six years it's been getting tighter and tighter, until it's reached the point where I am unable to perform penetrative intercourse. Even masturbating, I risk self-injury. So, after much research I decided I needed a partial circumcision -- I also decided I needed before and after pics, and where better to share them than here?

Here it is in its relaxed state. It causes little to no problem in this state. The circumferance around the end of the foreskin is now smaller than the glans. Normally this is no biggie, because normally the tissue is stretchy. Mine isn't. Here the foreskin is partially retracted. When soft I can retract it all the way, as the glans is squishy. so.

But as you see, that tight section doesn't stretch, and if I pull it far back, it actually corsets the shaft. Here the foreskin is pulled back -- about as far as it goes comfortably. And while I can still (clearly) enjoy it, I *really* want it to be fully functional. I'll post pictures of after the operation.

So here's how it went.

June 14, 2002: On the plus side...It was a very efficient process. I talked to the doctor for less than a minute. So: Earlier this week I called Kaiser [the HMO], explained my problem, got an appointment. Today I went to Kaiser, paid them $15, sat down in the waiting room. Nurse called me in, took my stats, asked me my problem. I mentioned the tight foreskin (which should have been in the records by now, right?), she said, without looking up, "where?" Pause. Blank stare. She blushed, "Oh, sorry."

So I go wait for Dr. Zahn in her office. At this point I learn that she is a she. If *I* were sending someone to have his peepee examined, I'd have mentioned that fact. It's okay with me, but a lot of men would be uncomfortable. OB GYN patients get to choose the gender of their doctors, right? Speaking of which -- as I waited in her office, I see *lots* of Gyno stuff, including stirrups on the exam table -- covered in cute flowered/quilted cozies that looked kind of like pot holders. Eventually, in she walks, introduces her self, stammering and avoiding eye contact. She looks to be about 25, Japanese descent, is wearing open-toed sandals. She interrupts me when I talk, and interrupts herself just as much. I explain my problem again, when she asks -- she hands me a paper and sends me away. I am given a referral to see a urologist (Couldn't they have done that on the phone???)--and must call back in three days to make an appointment. ...but at least I didn't have to wait long...

June 24, 2002: HMO says they have no openings for over a month. I'll see what options I have, because I REALLY want this done soon.

July 19, 2002: The saga continues. Dr. Khaw was MUCH better, and got lots of cool points -- but it will be ANOTHER 6 weeks (or more) before I get the operation (an office procedure). "Call us if you haven't heard from us by, oh, mid-Spetember." *cries* Dr. Khaw was sensitive, understanding, informative. He neither assumed I knew everything nor that I was stupid. He asked if I was married (yes), whether I had kids (no), and STILL used gender neutral language to refer to my "partner". He was old enough to have laugh lines that make for very sincere facial expressions, managed to be both professional and warm. I felt no embarassment with him, and I'm glad he's going to be performing the procedure. He gave me the risks, and how to minimize them, and answered some fears I didn't have. Also some I did. It's going to be an office visit, and I am certain I can talk to him about anything ("slightly morbid question: what are you going to DO with it?"). But at a MINIMUM another 6 weeks sucks ASS.

August 12, 2002: Today I am a woman. Well, it [the tight foreskin] has been getting worse. When I first saw the doctor about it, it was tight, but I could still retract it over an erection. When I saw a urologist TWO MONTHS LATER it had grown tighter -- to the point where it could only be retracted over a flaccid penis. Well, now I can't even do that. Today I've decided I'm sick of wiping up sprinkles and I pee sitting down. If this delays much longer, and if it continues to get worse at this rate, I'll be cleaning with a Q-tip by October. I'm SO tired of this. And so ashamed at how much this is affecting my self-image. (later) Funny how my fetish for uncut men has waned....

October 15, 2002: I arrived at the Urologist's office on time, and was told the doc was going to be a half-hour late...eventually I was called and I went in. I was greeted by a nurse (or possibly that wasn't his title, I never asked) that looked and sounded like Jere Burns, best known as "Kirk" in the old Dear John TV show. He tried to set me at ease with jokes, starting with, "You're here for the sex change, right?" Well, his method worked better than it sounds, because eventually we were joking back and forth as I got undressed and into the stupid back-opening robe and went into the room the procedure was to take place in. I lay down, and he hoiked the robe up and swabbed the hell out of my willie with Iodine. We continued to chit-chat, and I felt quite comfortable. I told him I'd like ot have some of the skin left, but he seemd to dodge the issue. Dr. Khaw was the one to perform the operation anyway, so I waited to mention it to him, and see what he said. The Nurse told me Dr. Khaw did "the best circs of any Doctor I've worked with."

THEN came the shot. BIG needle. You know the novacine shot you get at the dentist's? It was like that. Prick, heat, PAIN, ache, throb. Except the pain was electric, like he'd hit a nerve. Went right down the length of my cock. He said, "You did well. Now there's three more shots." I laughed. I said, "You're joking, right? RIGHT?" He wasn't joking. Four shots, two on the top side of the shaft, where it meets the body, and two below. BDSM training kicked in, I don't know how anyone can face things like that if they can't trance out or channel pain. I really don't.

About this time Dr. Khaw came in and we exchanged pleasantries as he suited up. I told him I wanted him to please leave as much as he could, but not if there was any added complication. He grunted and nodded, and did something to my penis. "Feel that?" I didn't. It was dead-numb. Time to begin. Zzzzt-zap! NOT the sound I was expecting -- he was lasering it! I thought he'd just be cutting with a scalpel .. but this likely has some advantages. The Jedi duel alone was worth it. (That was a joke, there.)

So I lay back, arms behind my head, and he worked, keeping up a gentle banter like a barber. He joked that while I might have self-control enough to abstain from sex for a few weeks, "all the girlfriends" may not. My position blocked my view, and for this I was thankful. I couldn't feel a thing, but occassionally I'd get a mild electric twinge in the lower right quandrant of the glans. Eventually I mentioned this, and he stopped, poked it with something, and I couldn't feel a thing. Some glitch in the nervous system, I guess. Then I noticed his movement and tempo had shifted, and I could no longer hear the buzz or see/smell the wafts of smoke (burning ME!), and I knew he was putting in stitches. It felt like I was on the table for a week, but it can't have been more than 30-40 minutes. Eventually he was done.

He told me to keep the bandage on until Thursday morning, take Tylenol for pain and swelling, put an ice pack on my la for the rest of the day. And that was it. They both kept checking to see if I had any questions, but they were so thorough I couldn't think of any. Doctor left, and the Nurse gave me some nice soft towels and hot water to clean the iodine off with, and left me to get dressed. The idodine was all over my balls, thighs, up my crack ... he had been pretty liberal with the stuff. My wiener was wrapped in a layer of thin gauze, a layer of thicker gauze bandage, and a miniature Ace bandage. I was told that if the latter got too tight, I could take it off and re-wrap it. Then I wandered out to the lobby and came home.

On returning home: My balls still smell like Iodine. The Lydocaine has worn off and I can now feel the ice on my lap. No real pain or discomfort after the injections, but we'll see how it goes. Ice and Tylenol Plus for me, and keeping my feet up. Bandage comes off on Thursday, stitches come out in 7-10 days, checkup in three weeks. I might have sex again someday. Gah, I feel wretched.

About half the stitches are out, there's still some swelling, particularly on the underside. The glans was getting chapped, but I've started using lotion on it, and it feels much happier now.

I actually have fewer stitches now than when the photo was taken. Despite what it may look like, it's not sore or anything. Wish me happy healing! It's been better than expected so far!

October 16, 2002: We'll see it through, it's what we're always here to do...Why am I up so early? No idea. No swelling, no pain ... I think the Tylenol is redundant, but I'll keep taking it anyway, in case it IS doing sometihing. Either I'm lucking out or slow. And I get to go to work today. I've picked the most penis-safe outfit. (later...) Yaknow...I keep getting the idea that when I take off the bandages I'll discover he left his initials...

October 17, 2002: Frankenpenis unveiled: I think I'll name it "little Stitch." Good thing I'd seen photos of this before. Bandages came off, and I understand why the doc specifically had to tell me to take them off, take them ALL off. I wanted to put them back on. It all looks healthy, but there are these big ugly stitches, with bits poking out, and it hurts when anything touches them. Pants are gonna be fun, hee hee.

He left me nothing, by the way. All-American Clipcock. It'll look good when it heals, and be functional and all (any fears I might have had on that measure have been allayed by morning wood two days in a row) -- but it'll take some getting used to. (later...) A nap with an icepack later, and the minor swelling I'd discovered through walking around is down. I had been told to expect swelling, but until the bandages came off, I had got none. Wish I had tomorrow off. Heal faster, dammit.

October 23, 2002: Trimmed a couple stitches this morning ... the ones I relally want to get rid of are tender today because I seem to have pulled on them in the night somehow -- this is the reason I really want these two stitches to go. But I ain't tinkering with them when they're painful like this. (Later..) Gah, I'm tired. Not because of the occassional random jags of pain that distract everything I do, not because of the extra energy of protecting myself from injury as I go about my daily tasks -- but because of the constant background discomfort, minor in and of itself, but irritating -- emotionally irritating. It is making me angry. Like someone repeatedly slapping the back of my head while I'm trying to talk.

It's day 9 -- the 7-10 day stitches are still mostly there. I intend to have a soak or three over the next 24 hours. I want them gone. The only discomfort is the stitches now, the wound is healed up just fine. (Incidentally, I think I may have been mistaken -- it looks like I *do* have a little skin left, but it's all bunched up behind the stitches. I'll know for sure when they come out.) Damn. I am SO horny, and I can't even masturbate. *cries* I'll be okay, I just need rest. (Later..) A couple stitches lighter and a warm bath later... I feel much better

October 31, 2002: Everything is working fine, thanks! *g*

Here's "Mr. Stitch" in his relaxed state. Stitches are gone and the seam is healed, though it's still a noticable seam. The mottled color is from being chapped. It's better now. It still looks odd to me -- chubby, swollen. I know this is mostly because the foreskin is gone and some of the shaft flesh is pushed back. I guess that means I *do* have a little extra left. Note the underside looks odd -- that's a new "hot spot" now. Stretching the skin back, you can see the line of demarcation between what was inside the foreskin and what was outside. The inside strip is still extra sensitive. I like it.

You'll note the "plumping" is still visible, but less, now that he's filling his skin better. He's also shiny. As a cut man, I now begin to understand why porn stars always spit in their hands.   Side view: it all looks much straighter when erect. The sensitive zone stretches out a bit, and is lots of fun. Yeah, I guess I like the way it turned out. But it'll be prettier when the scar fades more.

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I have a personal page at
telling the tale of my adult circumcision in greater detail --

Also, if any medically-minded folks could help me recall the medical term for the condition that caused me to need the surgery, and the proper term for the "chapping" I experienced later.


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I would be more than happy if my story and photos could be used to inform your readers.  
Fully healed.

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