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When we first started reading about and studying erections, we were struck by how much emphasis was placed on the "average" erection. But an average (an arithmetic mean) conceals as much as it reveals. It does not remind us of all the diverse numbers that went into the calculation of that average. This site tries to give reality to all the diversity that gets compressed into the concept of the "average penile erection."

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February 17, front page updated to advise visitors that the new webmaster is currently working on a redesign of the site. Submissions are still accepted, but no responses will be sent to individuals until the new site launches. Be sure to put "EP Submission" in the subject line.



October 19, three entries were added to Page 3 visitors' pix gallery. Page 3 was added to the snapshots gallery

October 5, Page 14 was added to the hard-soft gallery

August 7, Page 13 was added to the hard-soft gallery

July 21, another entry was added to Page 5 of the motion gallery

July 13, an answer was posted to Question #21 on Page 3 of the Q&A section.

July 9, Page 6 was added to the motion gallery

July 4, Page 4 was added to the seniors gallery.

July 1, Page 5, a 1-man page on the experience of being circumcised was added to the visitors' pix gallery.

June 28 , a new answer was posted on Q&A Page 3 to question #22 on retraction of the testes.

June 23, a couple of new animations were added to Page 5 of the motion gallery.

June 16, Page 4, a 1-man page, was added to the visitors' pix gallery.


A number of visitors have sent in photos of their erections. Many of these have been posted in 2 photo galleries called visitors' pix and soft-hard. We particularly appreciate that quite a few erections in the 3" to 5" range have been sent in. We hope those of you in the 2" to 3"erect range will begin to participate soon. By participating you will be helping other men (and their partners) feel comfortable about their erections. All photos should be posed in a specific way. For information on how to take the photo(s), please click here.

There are quite a few pages here and we are planning to add many more. You will be able to reach most of them from the navigation bar above. Others are reached by clicking on a thumbnail photo or from a link within a gallery. Most small pictures can be clicked on for a larger version. You may download single copies of photos for your own viewing, but please do not post them elsewhere without permission - they are copyrighted. When you are taken to a new page to view the large version of a picture, use your browser's back arrow to return to the page you were on previously. In some of the newer galleries the thumbnails are lined up in a scrolling panel at the left and the large pictures are viewed in the panel on the right, with no switching back and forth between pages.

If you have visited here before, you may be viewing an old version of this site. You many need to refresh this home page to be sure you see what's been added under What's New.

We've purposefully made these pictures nice and large. So, to keep them from going partly off the screen we suggest that you set your browser resolution at 1024 x 768. The pictures will not only fit on the screen but will have a clearer appearance. If you must have a lower resolution (and therefore a larger picture) 800 x 600 is the lowest you should go for this site. And if you use this we suggest that you gain more screen room by pressing F11 (in Internet Explorer) or by closing up some of the navigation bars (in Netscape Navigator). If you do not gain more room, some of the scroll bars may not be visible.

In the drop-down menu under "galleries, select 1" there are 4 galleries that show erections posed against a grid background. These backgrounds give you some basis of comparison, but they are only a very general guide. The background is not exactly in the same position in each picture. The photos are all reproduced in the same scale - but not precisely. We've organized these galleries into u-curve, n-curve, and straight groups. (Here straight means "not curved" and does not refer to sexual orientation.) In the research referred to on this site, the total number of erections consisted of: 22% u-curve, 15% n-curve, and 63% straight. Within each of these groups, size and angle vary a lot. In the picture galleries high erections are often placed near low ones, and a large erection may be followed by a small one. We hope many visitors will systematically go through these galleries viewing each photo. In doing this you begin to get the sense that erections are just like every other human trait - variable. Don't just hunt for the big ones - you'll be missing the point! Quite a few heterosexual men have seen only one erection, their own. It's better not to feel in the dark or like the Lone Ranger. It's OK to look. You'll be a better informed and more accepting person.

The Q&A section is now divided into 3 pages. If you'd like to participate, send your question by clicking here. Someone else will probably be wondering about the same topic and you will do a service by voicing the question. If you would like to add to or disagree with an answer we've given, send that in too. And, of course, suggestions for improving this site are always appreciated.

In the past we tried to keep a mailing list of people who asked to be notified of changes in this site. We are no longer doing that because many email addresses (especially the free ones) quickly become inactive and because some people change their minds and decide that they do not want to be notified.

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